Heather Trefz

I am the Junior High Math and Science Teacher, High School Pre-Algebra Teacher and the k-12 504 Coordinator. 

The expectations in my classroom are easy:

1. BE Prompt: if you come in after the bell you will be counted tardy

2. BE Prepared: bring everything you need - if you don't have something for study hall, I will find you something

3. BE a Participant: be a part of the class discussion and participate in the activities for full credit.

4. BE Polite: use your manners and be respectful of others in the classroom.


Below are the syllabi for my Junior High classes

7th grade Math Syllabus.docx  8th grade Math Syllabus.docx

7th grade Science Syllabus.docx  8th grade Science Syllabus.docx


Below are some links you may find helpful. If you ever have a question or just want to visit please feel free to contact me.

Lesson Plans: 

Junior High math will use the person realize online math on a regular basis. 

Pearson Realize


504 Links

Transition Services Liaison Project

National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center

Vocational Rehabilitation

Bookshare: opportunity for students with print disabilities to receive free access to books and publications



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