Shelby Hyde

| K-12 Art Education | High School Volleyball |

Classroom Expectations:

-Respect one another, yourself, and the tools you use

-Come to class ready to learn and open to try new things

-Give 100% effort

-Turn things in on time and completed


Class Operations:

-My classes are primarily project based. 

-Points can take a long time to accumulate because of this, so it is important students complete homework assignments on time.

-If a students has been working hard and a due date is approaching, they are welcome to discuss earning an extension with me. To earn an extension I will take into account how the student has been working in/out of class, the effort being given, and the progression of the project.

-High School:

-Sketchpad assignments:

-Students will have one major homework assignment in their class. This is their sketchpad. 

- Sketchpad prompts are assigned 4 at a time each week.

-Sketchpads are collected usually once a quarter. The students have no sketchpads assigned the week they are due.

-Students are required to have sketchpads turned in by the end of the day they are due. Sketchpads are either turned in or they are zeros. There are no late or missing options on these. 

-Jr. High/6th grade:

-Weekly homework assignments:

-Each week students are assigned a drawing packet.

-Students have one week to complete this assignment.

-Because this is a project based class, these homework assignments are a majority of the students grade. So it is very important they complete them each week.

-These are graded on the following scale:

~5 points for being completely done

~5 points for being in on time

~5 points for effort




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