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Reading Recovery & Title One Reading

Our objective is "Learn to Read so we can Read to Learn"


My name is Renae Olson and I am the Reading Recovery and Title One Reading teacher in the Highmore-Harrold School district.  This is my 20th year at Highmore and my 11th year as a Reading Recovery teacher.  I love READING!!!  I enjoy reading for pleasure and teaching young students to enjoy reading.

Reading Recovery is a wonderful opportunity for our early readers to get one to one time working on concepts they are having trouble with in reading.  Four first graders come individually for a half hour lesson that allows for individualized learning.  After their series of lessons (usually about 20 weeks) four more first graders will be eligible for this intervention. What a great advantage for these students!

I have great expectations of my students.  First and foremost, they must come in ready to learn.  We have very limited time together and I want them to get as much learning time as possible.  I also expect them to participate in their lessons.  I also encourage my students to read outside of school.  Reading is a life long skill.  Someday they may truly appreciate the love of reading when the no longer feel like they "have" to read and "get" to read!


Another great advantage for students is to see the adults in their life reading.  Share with your child what you are reading and ask them about what they are reading.  It is very beneficial for students to read both fiction and non fiction.  Real life reading as I call non fiction reading is very informative and helps make all readers well rounded individuals. 

Coach Hyde and I are entering our 1st season together coaching the Lady Pirates Volleyball team.  If you have a chance on a Tuesday or Thursday evening, come check out a match!  This is my 16th season as the assistant volleyball coach for the Lady Pirates.

I am available for calls before school at 605-852-2276. 

I can be reach by e-mail at  I check this often during the day.

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