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  Web sites of the other Special Ed. Staff in Highmore

                             Janie Pratt-Resource Teacher

                  Jory Schmidt- High School Resource Teacher

                       Megan Mammenga - Speech Therapist

                Mr. VanderVorst - Pre-K -6 Principal/ Special Ed. Dir.



Web sites for Parents and Teachers
Parent Rights

Parent Portal
Parent and Teacher Resources
This site has many different places to go. You can find definitions of various disabilities, information on gifted  students, activities to do with your child, milestones in development, and much more.

Learning Disabilities
This site contains links to site on various information about  Learning Disabilities. 


This site contains information about hyperlexia syndrome.
Teacher Resources
This site give many different places to go for activities and lessons.

This site contains a lot of resources for teachers. It has lesson plans for different areas that you may be working on.

South Dakota Special education Web Page

This is the Special Education site for South Dakota. It contains information and forms that deal with the area of Special Education.

Special Education Technical Assistance Links

International Dyslexia Association

This site a lot of information concerning Dyslexia.

Dyslexia Web Site

This is the Susan Barton site

Web Sites For Kids

Moby Max
ixl Math

Alphabet Games

Putting letters in alphabetically order.

 Learn Geography

This site is interactive. You learn places on a map.

FunBrain Kids Center
This site has many games where you practice skills in math, science, culture, words and other things.
You are able to choose the level where your skills fit.

Sesame Street
This site has a lot of fun activities for younger kids.

College Education
This site has information for the learning disabled.

Resources for College for Students with Learning Disabilities or AD/HD

Colleges for students with Learning Disabilities

The Five Golden Rules

1. Always do you best!!!!

2. Have homework done and turned in on time

3.Show up prepared and organized to class on time

4. Be courteous and respectful to everybody

5.Have an open mind on all subjects.

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