Post Prom

12/11 Soup/Sandwich Supper


Class of 2021

Oct. 24,2018 meeting

We discussed Turkey Bingo which will be Sunday November 11, 2018 at St. Teresa’s Hall starting at 2:00pm.  We will be playing for 25 turkeys and 10, 10$ gift certificates for Masheks.  We will be selling snacks for  $.50 this will be either bars or little bags of snack mix. Cards will be $.50/card. The class will be divided in half, half will bring the snacks and the other half will bring 10$ which will go towards the gift certificates.  Everyone please put it in there church bulletin.  Flyers are being made and hung up around town. We could possibly be getting some thanksgiving baskets donated from some businesses which is great for more prizes, so if you know anyone that would like to donate a basket it would be appreciated.   I will attach the list of who’s bringing what.  Note, for those bringing snacks please have them wrapped or bagged up for sale.






Class of 2021


Our first fundraiser for post prom is the vender fair Saturday November 3, 2018.  For this fundraiser, the students are asked to help the venders unload their cars and set up tables. We are also doing a soup and sandwich lunch for the public. At the end of the day, the students help the venders load stuff back into their cars and tear down tables.

The students are supposed to sign up for what shift they want to work, 7am-1pm, or 11am-till done (I’m thinking about 4:00).  This schedule will allow for both groups overlapping over the lunch hour. 

The students are also supposed to sign up for what supplies they are to bring for the lunch.

I will have the lists and will write on each form what they have signed up for, and/or you can call me. We will also have access to the school website with a post prom tab where we will upload important information concerning work assignments, items to bring, and so on.

Thank You,

Kelly Hague, 870-3035








Class of 2021


A look into the future!  Currently, I have added our group to the school calendar for the nights of 12/11/18 and 1/24/19.  10/11/18 is GB parent’s night and 1/24/19 is Little Cheer Camp.  I did tell Mr. Ring that if Little Cheer Camp moves to a different day we would probably want to move also.  So, we are down to do a supper on these nights.  I still have everything written down from last year’s taco feed.  I feel that taco’s sell well especially since they don’t sell them in the concession stand, although, I also feel like there is a lot of other groups doing taco feeds.  So we will need to decide what we want to serve.  Do we want to do spaghetti?  Does someone have the amounts of ingredients needed?  Does anyone have any other ideas?

Next subject, the Jr.class has decided that they are going to sell the “World Famous Chocolate” so I guess we can’t do that.  I talked to the Coke man and he thought we could probably have some Power Aid for the hoop shoot we just have to let them know.

In my notes I have paying to put flamingos/ toilet in people’s yards and painting the Pirate on driveways and sidewalks.  Do we want to pursue these?

One of the students has brought up the idea of doing “turkey bingo” before Thanksgiving and another asked me about a raffle.




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