March 2, 2017 Special Meeting




March 2, 2017

School Gym

7:00 PM


    The Highmore-Harrold School Board of Education met in special session on March 2, 2017 in the School Gym at 7:00 pm. Members present: Clint Buchholz, Paula Haiwick, Paul Knox, Jim Stephenson, Jennifer Semmler. Domke, Bollweg were absent. Others present: Superintendent Quinton Cermak, Business Manager Mark Chilson, K-6 Principal/SPED director Grant Vander Vorst.

    Members of the public present Mary Wortman, Brita Bergeson, Diane Beastrom, Carrie Stephenson, Georgette Cermak, Mary Ann Morford, Julie Gutzmer, Renae Olson, John Sleger, Crystal Domke, Ev Wheelhouse, Rhonda Baloun, Ken Brueggeman, Kim Knox, Robert Hanson, Katherine Porter, Jay & Jackie Miller, Jesse Johnson, Mike McDonnell, Marilyn Krick, Ben McKirdy-Wilsey, Patty Zeigler, Kayla Kaltenbach, Leanne Hoffman, Dick Hamlin, Amy Webb, Dee Nemec, Deb Engel, Jim Frost, Toinette Brueggeman, Tim Cheever.

President Buchholz called the meeting to order from at 7:00 pm.

The pledge of allegiance was recited.

Haiwick/Knox moved to approve the agenda with an addition for the Upper Desk contract. The motion passed.

    The Board held a discussion and presented information on the elementary renovations construction and funding issues.

    The Board held a discussion about buildings, grounds, and projected needs. The Board discussed a five-year capital outlay plan of development, assessment, and priorities.

    Haiwick/Semmler moved to approve the Upper Deck Architectural contract for $217,500.00 for the construction/renovation project. The motion passed.

            Haiwick/Semmler moved to adjourn at 7:42 pm. The motion passed.



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