Monday, February 11, 2019


February 11th, 2019


College visit dates





  • FCCLA Pirate Pals Mentors will have your February meeting day with your “Pirate Pal” on Valentine’s Day and we will do a large group activity for that one.
  • JOVB meeting after school for grades 9-12 in Mrs. Bonnichsen’s room on Feb 14th.


Ø  Any Freshman through Junior who might be interested in an AgDiscovery program held on the campus of Iowa State University, please see Ms. B. Deadline is March 15. The only cost involved in this is your transportation to and from the campus of ISU.

Ø  Any junior or senior interested in a medical career who would like to attend SCRUBS camp on March 5 in Pierre, please see Ms. B for an application. Deadline is February 25.

  Upcoming 3:25 Fridays to make up snow day: 2/15, 2/22, 3/1, and 3/22.

      Parent-teacher conferences will be rescheduled.  We are also going to try something new and split the                  time up into three hour sessions to run on two different days-2/25 and 2/28.  Conferences will start at                  4:00 and end at 7:00 on both of those days, and a new elementary schedule will go out.

       Book Fair will be open until Wednesday, Feb 13th. Miss. Beastrom will be at the school until 6 pm on                 Monday, Feb 11 and Tuesday, Feb 12. 

Ø  NATIONAL FCCLA WEEK- February 11-15


o   Monday - Be Spirited

§  Kick off FCCLA week by participating in the FCCLA Coloring Contest for PreK-6th Grade.  Return these to your homeroom teachers by today to have them hung in the school gym!

o   Tuesday - Be Confident

§  Be confident in your abilities to succeed! Believe in Yourself!

§  FCCLA will provide “name tags” for students to write what their future career is on to wear throughout the day.  If you would like to “dress up” for your future career, that would be great as well! FCCLA Member “birthday party” with cupcakes

o   Wednesday - Be Prepared

§  The Wednesday of FCCLA week is Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Educator Day and we want your help in celebrating! 

§  Mrs. Kroeplin, the Highmore FACS Teacher, will stop in to each of the elementary classrooms to make a visit and bring a treat (Red Cookies)! 

o   Thursday - Be A Friend

§  Take the time to show your appreciation for those who have supported you! Be a friend and encourage others to do the same.

§  FCCLA will provide a card to write a thank you on.  This thank you can be for a friend, teacher, staff member, or family member.

§  Don’t forget to attend the FCCLA Baked Potato Supper at the Auditorium! Pirates vs. Miller. Silent Heart Game. Crushes delivered.

o   Friday - Be You in Red (WEAR RED)

§  Today is the day to Rock the Red! Please wear red to school on this day!  

o   FCCLA MEMBERS: Remember the Baked Potato Supper is Thursday so you need to bring your items.  ALSO, this is the week that State Meeting forms will be handed out so be looking for them by the Tuesday.  They will be due back with payment by Friday, at the latest Monday.


DEPARTURES:    Monday, 2/11 – GB/BB to SBA at 2:45, release at 2:40, from west gym doors

  Tuesday, 2/12 – GB to Ipswich at 2:45, release at 2:40, from west gym doors

  Wednesday, 2/13 – Senior Government to Pierre at 8:15, from the north doors (returning about 4:00)

                                                                6-8 Acalympics to Pierre at 11:30

  Saturday, 2/16 - WR to Parkston at 5:00 from Highmore



Activities:           Monday, 2/11- National FCCLA Week – Be Spirited Day

                                                         Bd. Mtg – 12:00

                                                         GB/BB QH @ SBA (CGB, JVGB, VGB, VBB- NO JVBB) – 4:00

                                                         5/6 BB vs. Miller (H) – 6:00

                                 Tuesday, 2/12- National FCCLA Week – Be Confident Day

                                                          GB @ Ipswich – 4:45

                                 Wednesday, 2/13- National FCCLA Week – Be Prepared Day

                                                                Government Class to Pierre – 8:15-4:00

                                                                Gr. 6-8 Acalympics – Pierre – 1:00

                                 Thursday, 2/14- National FCCLA Week – Be A Friend Day

                                                            FCCLA B. Potato Supper- Aud – 5:30

                                                            GB vs. Miller (H) (Sr. Night- EW) – 6:30

                                 Friday, 2/15- National FCCLA Week – Be You In Red Day

                                                       JHBB vs. PC (H) – 5:15

                                                       BB vs. PC (H) (Sr. Night- EW) – 6:30

                                 Saturday, 2/16- WR Region @ Parkston – 10:00


Ticket takers- Thursday 2/14- Morgan Bonnichsen, Brita Bergeson (work time- 6:00)

Concession workers- Thursday 2/14-

Bingo- Thursday 2/14- Shelby H, Jacob M

Sophomore Pop Shot Workers- Thursday 2/14- Colby, Drew





Only in the darkness can you see the stars – Martin Luther King Jr.



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